What is our value proposition?

We strongly believe that the only way to get to know a destination is by going deep into its past in order to understand its present and bet high for its future. In order to do so, we work on the basis of three key concepts to get the desired territorial balance:

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    Economic Value

    We bet on a type of economy which is based in an efficent use of the resourses, offering tools to create synergies among the different actors of the industrial fabric and the tourism industry in a territory.

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    Social value

    We contribute to the women´s integration with an active and participative role of them, increasing the value of the customs and traditions but always respecting the social and cultural reality of the local community.

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    Environmental value

    We look for the awareness of authenticity, the spreading of our natural heritage by keeping its resources, and preserving the biological diversity of the area.

What is our contribution?

We are a company with a high cooperation spirit and a clear intention of change and social innovation.

We develop authentic territories, which are inclusive, responsible and eco-friendly, being based in such values which turn each destination into something different, and analyzing their life cycle.

Ponle Cara al Turismo looks for RESPONSIBLE travellers who are willing to FIT IN the community, who DO NOT HARM neither the heritage resources nor the natural ones.

“Ponle Cara al Turismo promotes a responsible kind of tourism via the integration into the community”

How did PCAT appear?

Ponle Cara al Turismo was born from the optimism of a young woman, Alexandra Touza, in love with her land, who decided to start an enterpreneurial initiative back in 2009, as a result of her inquisitiveness, dreams and adventures which have always keep her eager to live and explore.

She was inspired by Carmiña, an Atlantic lady, lively, strong and obstinate, who lived in Puebla del Caramiñal, where all this journey started.

This young woman´s dream was to give a face to all those people living, feeling and working for their community, turning into the undeniable true protagonists in all the routes lead by her.

Currently, Carmiña continues being her inspiration to go on with her dream: increasing the value of our territory, the market products, the people, the trades… and turning tourism into a concept much more human, pure and sustainable in time.

Ponle Cara al Turismo keeps on working for the community through projects of rural enhancement, local development or occupational trainning and the creation of authentic experiences with the locals from a place, always looking for the true essence of a destination, the collective enrichment and the benefit for the local economy.


Would you like to get visitors to your company, to participate in one of our experiences, to dynamize your territory or just to get more info about our traning options? Contact us by filling in this form.

We will offer you all the info you need, and show you how to travel in a more responsible, community and creative way.

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    Turismo comunitario, creativo e industrial

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