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Galician Ministry of Culture, Education and University Organization will launch a new edition of the project on educative innovation EduMotivaCon this year.

Román Rodríguez, Minister of Culture, Education and University Organization Department, held conversations this morning with some of the characters who will join the project this year. Scientist Ángel Carracedo, who had already participated in the previous edition; África González, who is the Director of CINBIO (Center of Biomedic Investigations of the University of Vigo; windpipe player Susana Seivane, and the enterpreneur and consultant Sandra Touza, were present in the meeting. The General Director of Education, Professional Training and Educative Innovation, Manuel Corredoira, also participated.


Business reaches classrooms with the enterpreneur from Vigo Sandra Touza.

A total of nine schools and highschools in Vigo and its surroundings will be hosting Sandra Touza, who will explained the students her experience participanting in the program EduMotivaCon by the Ministry of Education. More than 20 different experts will offer their experience in that field in different centers of non-university education around Galicia.

Seafood collectors and fishermen are up for the tourism sector.

Named as “Naval Tourism”, several sessions will be held in Museo do Mar, aiming at enhancing those economical activities related to fishing and seafood collection as a tourist attraction. “There is an economic opportunity in the enhancement of the naval resources as tourist attractions managed by local population”, states Sandra Touza, CEO of Ponle Cara al Turismo, who will be leading the seminar.

La Voz de Galicia – Vigo Edition

“Tired of visiting the same places every time, I needed to go deeper into the destinations and get to know the local population. That would be the only way to widen my knowledge, enrich myself culturally, and feel myself a local as any other, thanks to experimentation and learning”

La Voz de Galicia:

Alexandra Touza: “Tourists do not just look for visiting a place, they want to experience it”


“Authenticity of its population is, without any doubt, what turns Galicia into a unique place”

The latest trend in Industrial Tourism: Visint a tinned-food factory.

Creative Tourism: How to contact the local population.

Last generation tourists.

I´m a Local turns tourists into travellers.

A woman from Vigo reinvents Tourism.

Ponle Cara al Turismo, the value of experiences.

The website of immersive tourism.

Press notes of projects we have developed:

Vigo Pesqueiro starts up being the first industrial tourism route in the city.

Fundamar presents “Vigo Pesqueiro”, a route which shows the companies and traditions of the naval and fishing sector in the city.

500 people participated in the routes by Vigo Pesqueiro in 2016.

Technicians from Chiapas take part in the food route.

Mexico takes note of the melting between tourism and local culture boosted by North Arousa.



Ponle Cara al Turismo looks for travellers who are responsible, who want to fit in the communities, who do not harm heritage neither natural resources. We develop authentic territories, who are at the same time inclusive but responsible and ecological, being based in those values which make them unique and different by analizing their life cycle.”

Giving a face to Tourism.

Interview to “I´m a local”

The woman from Vigo Alexandra Touza gets the award “Emprende Gaiás Sixto Seco”

Secondary award at “Premio Ría de Arousa”, by the Port Authority of Villagarcía.

Interviews with sustainable tourism enterpreneurs.

We aim at exiting, because there is no tourism without emotion.

Candidate at Young Enterpreneurs Awards by Aje Vigo.

A firm from A Proba offers a kind of tourism linked to the tinned-food industry tradition of the area.

Ponle Cara al Turismo: connecting creative and industrial tourism.


Vigo locals find out about their fishing industry.

Visits to the tinned-food industries, a new kind of industrial tourism.

Mexicans visit Galicia to learn and enjoy our Industrial Tourism.

 The route of tinned-food sector in Barbanza area will visit a shipyard and a tinned-food factory.

A website eases Industrial Tourism in Galicia and in the rest of Spain.

A platform created in Galicia offers on the Internet a way to an alternative type of tourism in the destination

Gastronomic tourism: Sharing economy.


Local tourism with

Prodest Erasmus Project is an enterpreneurial iniciative aiming at creating knowledge through Digital Storytelling to new talents, students or undergraduates, in order to boost enterpreneur spirit.



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Programme Spaniards in the sea – National Spanish Radio.

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Programme “De lo más natural” – National Spanish Radio