Seafaring Tourism

Seafaring Tourism



An intense discussion about how to create bonds between the cultural, economic and tourism sector in order to create business opportunitites with the local population and mainly the fishing sector has been running lately.

 The fishing sector is experimenting a big development towards new ways of management, commercialization and diversification. New business models have been suggested by the UE as a key for the future of this sector. Those models focus on the sustainability of the sector, taking care of the environment, valuing the culture and tradition, and giving a new importance to the traditional fishing sector by including tourism.




Unit 1: Natural resources. Types of resources.

Unit 2: Analysis of destinations.

Unit 3: Maritime  and Seafaring Culture. What is Seafaring Tourism? Benefits.

Unit 4: Activities: how to design visits and routes. Creation of touristic packages.

Unit 5: Seafaring Tourism Offer. Legislation and safety rules.

Unit 6: How to turn an idea into an economic opportunity.


Aimed at:


Graduates, enterpreneurs of the fishing and social sector; managers, professionals of the fishing sector such us seafood collectors, vernacles collectors, sailors, or fishermen. Tour guides and other professionals of tourism.

medioambiente Those people who do activities related to the extraction of seafood in natural areas using the correct arts and performing the adecuate operations, respecting the legislation of safety and environmental protection.




  • To boost the diversification of the fishing sector and the economy of the territory.
  • To bond the tourism and fishing sectors, adding value to the work done by the professionals working in the sea.
  • To conceptualize, design and develop a project for the companies of the sector, or even the seafood collectors, vernacles collectors or fishermen to organize visits.