Training for the local community

We promote the creation of employment through specific training for the local population, giving special importance to the role of women as the main character.

The new trends of the market are shown to the local population, enterpreneurs and undergraduates, provoking curiosity on them. New value is added to the different new ideas of business in the town or city.

We also help businessmen and managers to open the doors of their workplaces to visitors, which becomes a great and effective marketing tool.

  • How can I turn my business/ fish market/ port/ association into a place which can be visited.

  • How to manage a destination before the tourist massification?

  • How to create a target brand and apply territorial marketing?

  • Motivation, Cooperation and Leadership through Lego Serious Play.

  • Agri-tourism as a source of economic diversification.

  • Evaluation of local touristic potential

  • Local Touristic Promotion and Information to visitors.

  • Training on Industrial Tourism Legislation.

  • Design of local touristic products and services - AFD Xunta de Galicia.

  • Promotion and commercialization of local touristic products - AFD Xunta de Galicia.

``We train the companies on how to organize and increase the visits to their facilities.``

If you belong to a council or town hall, a coastal action group (CAG) or a rural development group, or even if you are a member of a fishermen association, company or cooperative, contact us through the website, and you will be sent all the information about the course of action developed in our training programmes for the touristic, agricultural, fishing or local sector.

We trust on qualified resolving people, eager and hopeful about leaving a better world. By doing so, all together, starting with small local changes, we will get global revolutions.

We have been qualified by Xunta de Galicia to offer trainning on Workplace Training; we are Sicted Evaluators, authorised trainers by the EOI and motivating staff in the EduMOTIVAcon programme by the Galician Ministry of Culture, Education and University Organization.

Trainning programmes

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Would you like to get visitors to your company, to participate in one of our experiences, to dynamize your territory or just to get more info about our traning options? Contact us by filling in this form.

We will offer you all the info you need, and show you how to travel in a more responsible, community and creative way.

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