We believe in more human destinations

Our challenge is to guarantee the sustainability of the destinations ensuring the highest economical and social return, and to boost the multiplying effect of tourism in other sectors, by integratinmg the voices of the different representatives of the destination, as well as to promote the integrated management of it.

We design more responsible destinations to ensure the future of all resources looking for a closer kind of tourism based in circular economy, which helps us find out the true essence of a destination while it promotes colective enrichment, which has a positive effect in local economy at the same time.

We help local government administrations to value their touristic resources and to manage them in a sustainable way.

  • Design, creation and organization of touristic products.

  • Territorial marketing and touristic promotion (branding, videos, websites)

  • Strategic plans for Intelligent Touristic Destinations.

  • Municipal communication and planification of Touristic Dynamization projects.

  • Field work and investigation on tours for local development.

  • Training for business people, councils, municipalities using agile methodologies.

  • Study and analysis of factories, crafts workshops and other local initiatives which would like to be visited by tourists.

``We have a possitive effect on local economy, by increasing the touristic offer of the destination``

Would you like your company to become visited?

Contact us and get your “Company now visited stamp by PONLE CARA AL TURISMO”

Having such an stamp, the certified companies are able to diversify and complement their current offer, apart from giving an added value to their activity.

If you belong to a council, Coastal Group of Action, Rural Development Group or if you are a member of a Fishing Association, company or cooperative, you can contact us here, and we will send you all information about the courses of action we develop about sustainable tourism, local development, territorial marketing, or analysis of the life cycle of a product/destination to be implemented in the touristic industry and to create synergy with the businesses of the area.

What is offered by the stamp?

  • Differentiation. Obtaining this certificate allows you to adapt your current offer in a more atractive way, which will be suitable for any kind of traveller.
  • Innovation and specialisation. New product, specialised in the touristic sector, aimed at responsible creative tourists, in response to a demand which is increasingly demanding and more informed every time.
  • Earning loyaltyHigh level of satisfaction and repetition from clients .
  • Quality Guaranteed with regular controls, continuous improvement and advice by PONLE CARA AL TURISMO.

Some of our projects

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Would you like to get visitors to your company, to participate in one of our experiences, to dynamize your territory or just to get more info about our traning options? Contact us by filling in this form.

We will offer you all the info you need, and show you how to travel in a more responsible, community and creative way.

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