Vigo Pesqueiro

Vigo Pesqueiro

Description of the project: Vigo Pesqueiro


“Vigo Pesqueiro” is a project promoted by FUNDAMAR, in collaboration with The City Council of Vigo and its Tourism Department, where Ponle Cara al Turismo has been a member of the team, assuming the task of being the technical assistance.

This project is born as a result of the evolution of the new technologies in the tourism sector, understood as new touristic and economical opportunities as an alternative to local development.

One of such trends is Industrial Tourism, which is characterised by the interest shown by visitors to get to know the production process of the products, getting involved in the community and finding out about the economy first-hand, which turns them into enthusiastic ambassadors of the destination.

Industrial Tourism is a great resource to give value to industrial, archaeological or historial heritage and a city or metropolitan area, as well as to create synergy between all the actors of the business net in the area and the tourism ones.

The great tradition and incredible technology of a leading sector in Europe is emphasized, at the same time as the historical references and its working and economic potential, which will get positive rewards to the local population.

Project co-funded by  Diputación de Pontevedra and Vigo City Council.
Promoted by FUNDAMAR, Foundation for the fishing and seafood industries.
Technical Assistance:  Ponle Cara al Turismo / Occidente.

This project belongs to Fundamar Foundation, which has ownership and currently manages it.



To value the business network having fishing and seafood collection as a basis, in order to create synergies with the tourism industry, giving visibility to several actors such as the companies, the fish market, fishing resources as the port, the auctions, the shipyards, the Investigation and Development Centre, the School of Electronics and Transmissions of the Army, as well as the human resources as the net knitters, fishermen, seafood collectors, their costumes and traditions.

An industrial tour is proposed to value the historial and industrial heritage of both the city of Vigo and its fishing sector.

It offers the chance to know the history of that sector, of the city itself and the man and women who were able to work and risk their lives in the seas all around the world.

Our work:


Ponle Cara al Turismo developed the technical aspects of this projects throughout 2016. Offered by the Foundation Fundamar, and the cooperative of shipowners of Vigo, it has been considered one of the most expected routes of the city, as it promotes and dynamizes the extractive fishing from a closer local point of view.

Specifically we did the following:

  • Launch of Territorial Brand.
  • Organization of informative and bilateral meetings.
  • Design and planning of the monthly activities.
  • Reporting, field work and research.
  • Design of touristic itineraries. Training on Industrial Tourism for Tourism Technicians.
  • Organizacion of the 1st Congress of Industrial Tourism in Galicia and Northern Portugal.
  • Search of touristic and business resources in the fishing and seafood sector.
  • Community manager, social networks, posts, tour guide, communication, press and media.
  • Training on the UNE 302001 and ISO 13810 of Industrial Tourism for companies and institutions.