The Agri-food route

The Agri-food route



This route belongs to the so-called Industrial Tourism, which helps us understand the reason of a concrete tradition or product intimately tied to a place.

This touristic trend allows us to get to know the reality of a territory, its history and economic activity, to understand its urban development, to interpret its landscape and definitely, to know how the inhabitants of the destination being visited have lived.

We will visit a farm, an ancient bakery where bread is made traditionally, a cheese factory, several craftmen, painters and smiths, a soda drink factory where we will be shown the secret of its bubles, we will taste the different flavours of Santa Comba through some of its wines in any of the multiple catering businesses of the area. We will have the perfect end for such a route with a photo shoot in one of the most stunning waterfalls in Galicia.

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* Our routes can be easily adapted to 1, 2 or 3 days, including accommodation or not.

Guided tour led by professional bilingual local guides qualified by the regional government of Xunta de Galicia.