School Support Programme of didactic experiences.


The objective of this type of iniciative is to help the pupils experience artisanal production, getting closer to local producers, to the labour market and to the industry around them. The organization of the whole productive process is emphasised, as well as promotion activities which are analized and transmited in the classroom through several didactic units.

In order to help us doing so, we get the help of big companies, craftmakers, our Tinned-food Sector Route, our Food Route, fishermen associations, net knitters, vernacles collectors, sailors, oysters collectors, seafood collectors, farmers, beekeepers, etc.

As a part of the programme, we encourage the “Eco Agro-Maritime route” aimed at schools. Its objetive is to make them aware of the importance of environment and taking care of it, showing them ecological ways of growing, and where the food which we eat at our homes comes from.

Our visitors must experience and live the country and nature, so that they can fully develop themselves. That´s why we adapt the school curriculum to reality and the interpretative routes. This way they will see how the theory from their books comes to life.

Let´s give a face to education!