Do you dare put on your boots and collect seafood?

Do you dare put on your boots and collect seafood?

There are several areas available for this  Seafaring Tourism route:

1.Participating in the tinned-food route in the Barbanza area, , we will discover a wood shipyard in Ribeira where we will be led by the manager; we will have the opportunity to get into a tinned-food factory where we will be shown how the food is treated with care and love; after a lunch in a local resturant with more than 30 years of experience, where we will meet Mrs María, who will prepare a handmade “empanada de millo de zamburiñas” (Galician Pie of corn flour and varietaged scallop) following the traditional recipe. Finally, we will visit a seafood hatchery.

2.The tinned-food route around Camariñas, we will visit a tinned-food factory led by a production technician, where we will receive a small gift once the visit is finished. A lace-making artisanal workshop will be visited, so that our creativity will be boosted. We will have the oportunity to discover the job of a woman lighthouse keeper, have lunch in a local restaurant and finish the route with a guided visit around the fish market and meeting the net maker women.


3.The tinned-food route in the Ría de Arousa area will let you find out more about the port, the work made by the net knitters known as “redeiras”. We will also see an auction of fish and seafood in the fish market and visit a traditional tinned-food factory. We will also have the chance of putting on our boots to join the seafood collectors in the beach.


4.During the tinned-food route in Porto do Son, we will visit the Tide Museum (Museo da Marea) and get into a tinned-food factory to taste some of the products made there. We will also participate in a guided tour in the Castros de Troña to have a group photo taken with the view of the Ría de Muros and Noia behind us.


5. Would you like to be a seafood collector  for a day?

This activity takes place in Carril, in a breeding park, where the seafood collectors will show us their job and the different ways of growing this appreciated mollusk, its extraction, the different fishing techniques, the management of sizes, the diferent spices and the more technical parts of their activity in the sea inlets.

We will discover the fish market, a tinned-food factory as well as sailing around the sea inlet of Arousa to Cortegada Island.

Would you dare put on your boots and collect seafood?


Seafaring tourism is an ideal activity for either families or groups, or even for a couple!

Seafaring Tourism, consists of working for a day with the authentic shellfish workers who show us first hand, the straightforward shellfishing practice, the different cultivation jobs of the prized mollusc, as well as, learning how the specimens are harvested, the different fishing gear, it´s handling, size handling, different species, and the most technical tasks employed during the cultivation phase of the activity itself in the estuary. Obtaining a greater understanding of the port, the redeiras, and attending the auction!

Available from Monday do Friday.

Languages available: Galician/Spanish/English/Dutsch

Our routes are easily adapted to the travellers´ needs, as well as to the number of participants.

* Each of our routes may include acoommodation and transportation becoming a package.

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