The Sephardi route

The Sephardi route



This route belongs to the so-called Community Tourism, which arises as an economic alternative for rural, farming, native, mixed-race or African descent communities of a country, in order to get some income which may be complementary to their daily economic activities, and to help them defend and increase the value of their cultural and natural local resources.

We will visit an ancient bakery where Herminia used to make Hebrew sweets. We will also visit a workshop where essense and ecological soap is made. A member of the Touza family will led us in a commented guided tour where we will walk around Ribadavia following the steps of the heroic sisters from the town.

We will get to know the life of those women who, for so many years from their samll local business selling doghnuts, secretly help hundreds of jews to scape, to finish tasting the incredible wines of the local collectors.


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* Our routes can be easily adapted to 1, 2 or 3 days, including accommodation or not.

Guided tour led by professional bilingual local guides qualified by the regional government of Xunta de Galicia.